The Best Birds in Oklahoma!

For over 25 years, Lorna McKerley (along with the loving support of her husband Al) has been breeding exotic waterfowl for the greater Tulsa area and beyond.  With both Oklahoma and Federal licenses to breed wild and select endangered birds, she has taken a beloved hobby and brought joy to those desiring a truly special animal to raise.

With the exception of the Trumpeter Swans and Black Swans, our current breeding stock (shown below) are not for sale.  However, their seasonally available chicks, goslings and ducklings are!  Please take a look at these beautiful animals and feel free to contact Lorna at 1-918-288-6543 with any questions.

Please note the following important points:

  • We are happy to take orders on future hatchlings!
  • For the health and safety of the birds, we DO NOT SHIP.
  • We do NOT sell eggs.
  • All baby birds are sold straight run only.

Note: Please only bring exotic birds/animals that are legal to sell in Oklahoma.




 Estimated Availability

 Special Notes

African GeeseCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityShowstock!
Americana ChickensCall for PriceCall for Availability

Eggs lower in Cholesterol.  Hens lay tan, blue and green colored eggs

Barhead GeeseCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityExotic - Native to Asia and India 
Black SwansCall for PriceCall for Availability 
Buff OrphingtonsCall for PriceCall for Availability 
Cackler GeeseCall for PriceCall for Availability
Call Ducks-GreyCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityShow Quality Features!
Call Ducks-WhiteCall for PriceCall for Availability

Show Quality Features!

Crested DucksCall for PriceCall for Availability
Frizzles and CochinsCall for PriceCall for Availability

Bantams, Showstock!

Red also available

Fulvous Whistler DuckCall for PriceCall for Availability
GuineasCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityBlue, Slate, Pearl, Purple and White Available
Indian RunnersCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityShowstock!
Mallard Ducks (Flying)Call for PriceCall for Availability 
Mandarin DucksCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityExotic - Native to China
Muscovy DucksCall for PriceCall for Availability 
Nene GeeseCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityNative to Hawaii, Endangered
Peafowl-BlueCall for PriceCall for Availability
Peafowl-PiedCall for PriceCall for Availability
Peafowl-WhiteCall for PriceCall for Availability
Polish BantamCall for Price Call for AvailabilityShowstock!
Rhode Island RedsCall for PriceCall for AvailabilityComing Soon!
SilkiesCall for PriceCall for Availability 

Bearded Showstock! 

Black and Buff also available.

Tumpeter SwansCall for PriceCall for Availability 
  Wood Ducks Call for price Call for Availability